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What makes a great travel blog? Well, it’s going to be subjective. Everyone will have their own opinions. And that’s ok.


The absence of a deep emotional connection between humans and the natural world is at the root of the environmental crisis.


We celebrate great design all the time, but there's a specific part of it that we're addicted to: makeovers. A tiny breakfast nook transformation. An easy kitchen redo. Entire home renos.

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Macrame n’ Jar

Ideas of what you can do with your jars piling up at your home’s storage. Simple and entertaining, if you’re not that busy and you are looking for something to do, try making this macrame Read more…

Terrarium using bottles

I have noticed that after a year of making my terrarium, there is one particular plant that is surviving. That is the fern. With no sunlight at all, this plant is slowly growing. That gave Read more…

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