This monkey is friendly. I’m quite amused on how he just climbed up the windshield of the car and snooze. So funny. 

As we still have the privilege to interact with these wildlife, let’s help protect them from extinction.

These monkeys can still be found in Khao Takiab, Hua Hin, Province of Prachuabkhirikhun. 


Turn used boxes into organizers

Every time we hit that button for order online, we receive the package in a box, thus we end up with piles of boxes. The question is, how can we turn them into something useful. Instead of buying plastic organizers, why not make your own customized design. Take out those empty boxes from your storage and you will be surprise how many ideas you could come up.

With this, you just need, jute rope, scissors, glue gun, some recycled paper or gift wrapping paper.