Are used egg trays recyclable?

Do you have loads of egg trays in your house and don’t know what to do with them?

Here’s how you can recycle them. You only need scissors and rope to make it into a plant container.

In the picture below, I’ve used 2 big egg trays, which contained 24 eggs. Cut them into halves and tied them together with jute rope.

Terrarium using bottles

I have noticed that after a year of making my terrarium, there is one particular plant that is surviving. That is the fern. With no sunlight at all, this plant is slowly growing. That gave me an idea that plants will survive but in a very slow pace considering the environment where it’s planted. 

HOW to make a puff chair from boxes

Clearing our storage room, I’ve found loads of boxes. In my previous blog, I showed you how boxes can be turned into organizers. Still you have plastics to dispose. So, here’s a combo of plastic and boxes-“PUFF” chair. Try it at your own homes.

What you need are:

  1. Obviously boxes. In this case I chose a nice square box I kept.
  2. Rolled and compacted plastics. I have a friend who kept the plastics in one container, keep these intact and give it later the garbage collector as they put it into something useful as well.
  3. Cut those undesirable boxes into pieces.
  4. Bigger jute rope, around 1/2-1 inch. Depending on how big is your box, that’s how long your rope would be.
  5. Packaging tape. To strengthen your puff chair, put a tape around the box.
  6. Glue gun and stick glue
  7. Scissors