We started this website to showcase our hobbies related to nature, DIY, crafts, food, and travels.

We love to share simple things we see around us and appreciate the beauty of places we have visited. 

Every click of the camera means something is captured. It could be blue skies, sunset or just the field or mountains. The uniqueness of these places, and how these are being protected and preserved would be an inspiration. When you see blue skies, crystal clear waters of the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, deep blue sea, and colorful flowers, and forest parks, you cannot not appreciate what you have around you and all of these need to be taken care of.

And as part of our website are blogs to support the protection of our environment.  We are into recycling of household wastes that could led to income generation.  We will show you videos of DIY and crafts and teach you how to do it. 

We will also post videos of the things we found around using recycled materials.

Hope you get some information and enjoy our stuff. You too can contribute your daily initiative to curb plastic disposals and other wastes.